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Source: The Higher Education Coordinating Board Institutional Online Resumes
CCMR Rates
Source: Texas Education Agency Texas Performance Reporting System
College and Career Readiness is defined by TEA as meeting one or more of the following nine requirements:
1) Meeting Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college readiness standards in both ELA/reading and mathematics
2) Completing and earning credit for at least three dual credit hours in ELA or mathematics or at least nine dual credit hours in any subject.
3) Scoring a 3 or more on an Advanced Placement (AP) Examination or a 4 or more on an International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination.
4) Earn an Associate Degree prior to graduation from high school.
5) Completing an OnRamps dual enrollment course and qualifying for at least three hours of university or college credit in any subject area.
6) Earning an industry-based certification under 19 TAC §74.1003.
7) Graduating with Completed IEP and Workforce Readiness.
8) Graduating under an Advanced Degree Plan and Identified as a current Special Education Student.
9) Earning a level I or level II certificate in any workforce education area.
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Source: Texas Education Agency Texas Performance Reporting System
Immediate Enrollment
Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board